Ecstasy in Reno

What is Ecstasy

True to its name, Ecstasy is a stimulant that depletes the brain’s levels of Serotonin, the body’s mood-regulating chemical, causing problems to seem smaller and emotional connections to seem greater. A person on Ecstasy is usually in ecstasy… wanting to dance, talk, laugh, touch and be touched. 

To police, Ecstasy is considered a Schedule 1 narcotic – meaning it has NO medical purpose and cannot be further researched for medicinal value. In Reno, police have seen a recent spike in Ecstasy seizures but do not blame an increase in popularity, but an uprise in club settings. [More under E.xperts* 

Radical Audio/Visual Experiences, or Raves, happen every other week in Reno, minimum. Raves are a big party, indoor or out, with techno-type music and bright, flashing lights. Due to increased stimulation,flashing lights and beat-music are “perfect” to a person on Ecstasy. They don’t have age specifications and usually harbor E. It’s been said that it would take between 5 and 10 minutes to have Ecstasy in-hand at one of these parties.

Raves do not necessarily mean Ecstasy use, just as Ecstasy use does not constitute being a “raver.” But both exist closely within our community.  Our site is designed to help with any curiosities regarding the two in the Biggest Little City.

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Photo: – available under creative commons attribution license.


~ by ew0rld on March 26, 2009.

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