At age 19, FruitLoop predicts she’s done Ecstasy 25-30 times. She began going to raves in high school and says that in comparison to Las Vegas, raves are “actually really popular” in Reno.  

“I’d say it definitely has to do with the fact Reno is aimed toward a different age group,” FruitLoop said.

FruitLoop said she was shocked to see as many peers as she did at a Reno rave. Listen to her and Gypsy describe the people seen at raves:   People at RavesPeople Continued

It was during her third experience with the drug that FruitLoop realized it wasn’t all fun: she overdosed on what she thinks was meth. Over Dose

It was with that experience that FruitLoop truly realized that taking Ecstasy is a risk. She also realized she was “losing intelligence” and admitted to failing her classes last semester because of her E habit. 
School Effects

The University of Nevada, Reno, student emphasizes that the connection made with other users is a huge appeal and says that is how she met her boyfriend of over 1 year.


“We connected on Ecstasy at a rave and have been together ever since,” FruitLoop said.

As repeated users, hearing FruitLoop and her friends describe the hangover put into perspective how much fun they find Ecstasy to be.

Awful Hangover

FruitLoop also says she has no regrets due to use. The young user realizes her Ecstasy use has been heavy and admits to needing, not wanting, to take a step back. She said nothing about permanently stopping the use of Ecstasy and continues to rave, even if not using.


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