Gary Thomas

Name: Gary Thomas

 Age: 22

 Residence Location: Sparks, NV

Occupation: Employed Full-Time

Ecstasy Status: Never Used. 

 Gary Thomas,  has never used ecstasy, nor does he ever plan on trying it. Although a good amount of his friends have used ecstasy and continue to use, he stays clear of the drug.  

                           “Not that I’m against, it’s just not my thing to try,” -Thomas 

        “I would say that mid teens to mid twenties would be the age range of people using and trying the drug.”- Thomas

  Gary also pointed out that ecstasy is often a party drug, one is more likely to find users among that crowd but even then it is hard to stereotype an ecstasy user.   

                      “Not everyone who uses ecstasy looks like they are on something, it’s more of an introverted drug and would give you a feeling on the inside rather then showing it on the outside.” – Thomas  

  When asked where he thought Ecstasy stood popularity-wise, Gary believed  that it  has recently become popular because the younger generation appears to be more open to drugs.  With living in several other states, Thomas commented that he has seen Ecstasy affect Reno more than other areas and states due to the fact that Reno is a 24- hour town with many flashing lights which is a large stimulant of the drug.  

                                       Gary Thomas-- Photo provided by Gary                                                                                                                            








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