Gypsy is a compassionate 19-year-old honors student at the University of Nevada, Reno. She first tried Ecstasy in high school and also “loved” the drug. But the young raver does not love it’s side-effects. Gypsy says she’s done Ecstasy about six times and knows enough about the hangover to know it is damaging to her brain. It is because of her education that Gypsy has decided to take a step back.

“If you don’t eventually take a step back, you’re pretty much f@#$%ed.” said Gypsy. 

But, so far, Ecstasy has played a positive role in Gypsy’s life. Here, she describes how the drug has changed her perspective.

Different Person

“Just because you’ve done Ecstasy doesn’t mean you’re a druggie,” said Gypsy. “I’ve met a lot of really intelligent, special people who’ve tried the drug and it gives us a connection.”

Gypsy says she knows people who have overdosed, but none that have died. Gypsy had a boyfriend whom FruitLoop witnessed overdose.

“People don’t realize it’s such a risk,” Gypsy said. “[Ex-boyfriend] was always really careless with his use.” 

“He was at my house wasted,” FruitLoop says. “He took two pills and started sweating and going in and out of consciousness. My boyfriend and I were with him when he stopped breathing… twice.”

Gypsy also touched upon the intense connection made with people and admitted to inviting a total stranger to her house while on Ecstasy.

“I met this guy at a rave, we were both on E and he seemed really cool,” Gypsy said. “He came over the next day and turned out to be a total weirdo. He wouldn’t leave my house and was just doing incredibly strange things.”
“I remember that guy!” FruitLoop exclaimed. “What a freak!”

This instant comfort brought up sexual assault at raves. Though none of our sources knew anybody first-hand that had been violated at a rave due to Ecstasy, all agreed it is a imminent threat.
“It would be really hard to say,” Gypsy said. “I’m sure that it happens but it’s also really easy to do out-of-character things while on Ectsasy.”

Gypsy also has no regrets because of Ecstasy and said she welcomes the changes it made to her mentality.
“It gave me a new world-view and a new connection to people,” she said.


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