Kyle Daniels

Name: Kyle Daniels

Age: 23

Occupation: Customer Service Associate

Ecstasy Association: Spontaneous User 

Kyle Daniels has had multiple experiences with the drug ecstasy.  He has used it in large quantities, made it a weekend habit, and been to many raves throughout the Reno area as well California.  Kyle, however, has set that aspect of his life aside.  He has stopped using and says he isn’t against using again however he prefers to do other things with his life.

When asked if he thought estasy was affecting the Reno area, he replied, ” I would say there is a large craving for the drug in Reno  among highschoolers and college students.”

According to Kyle ecstasy releases the blood in your brain and endorphins in your spine.  Endorphins are what feels good when you’re touched.  Once the endorphins are released from the spine, they flow through the blood stream into the body making physical contact feel amazing.  It enhances your senses, touch, taste, feeling to the maxium amount.  It causes ones heartbeat, to race which makes a person feel hotter in temperature in addition to dilating the pupils, causing extreme sensitivity to light.

Kyle Daniels-- Photo Taken By Chelsea Fronberg















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