Tamera Kelly

Tamera Kelly is a 48-year-old mother of two.  She has a 23-year-old Daughter and a 19-year-old son.  She works as an executive assistant to the Vice President of one of the Major Hotel and Casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada.  She has never been around or used ecstasy. 

Q) What is your overall opinion or thought on the Drug?

A) I have never used and don’t know that much about it.  I would assume it’s a very bad drug as I have heard that people have passed out and had heart attacks from using it. 

Q) With not knowing much about the DrugWhere Do You Think Ecstasy Falls in the Drug Circle as far as popularity?

A) I think It’s becoming more and more popular espically with the younger crowds.  It wasn’t around as much when I was younger in fact it wasn’t almost at all.  

Q) Do you know if any of your children have used ecstasy?

A) Yes, I know my oldest has tried it.  She told me she’s only done it once however, I know she’s probably done it more then once.

Q) How did you find out and what was your response?

A) It came up in conversation and she told me.  I was a little surprised and disappointed but I understandurge to experiment with drugs as I did with some myself. 

Q) Do you think Reno is a large  area for Ecstasy use?

A) I’m from Vegas and Vegas has a very large demand for ecstasy use.  Reno however, might have a large demand for it’s size.  I think Reno has seen a lot more use of the drug in recent years and compared to other areas Reno probably does have a higher demand for it. 

Tamera Kelly -Photo Taken By Chelsea Fronberg

Tamera Kelly -Photo Taken By Chelsea Fronberg


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