Waldo is a shy, 19-year-old male that has had a few experiences with Ecstasy, is aware of its effects and enjoys raving. Because of raves he has taken up contact juggling, the art of balancing a solid glass ball on all surfaces of the hand.

The first time Waldo took Ecstasy his friend handed him three pills, which Waldo took all at once. Here is his experience.

Waldo’s First Time  

Waldo’s three-pill experience was dangerous for a first time user, bringing FruitLoop and Gypsy to talk about the “art” of rolling.

According to Waldo, he experienced mild depression after use but  the aftermath as a whole has had little affect on his life. 

Waldo has no regrets due to Ecstasy but says he definitely has friends who are permanently damaged from the drug.

“I have a friend who grinds his jaw so much his teeth are pretty much pointed,” Waldo said.  

Waldo says he continues to rave and uses Ecstasy once or twice every 3-4 months when he “wants a little extra fun.”


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