William Penete


 NAME: William Penete

AGE: 22

OCCUPATION: Unemployed

ECSTASY STATUS: Highly Experienced User

       William Penete is a very active user of the drug Ecstasy.  He often does it on the weekends and attends local raves where he is known by the “usuals.”  William has noticed several side effects over the course of using so much but continues to use Ecstasy because he enjoys the feeling.  He often gets headaches, grinds his teeth even when not using, and noticed several differences in his color and sound sensitivity.  

         “It’s not as though I go out every weekend intending to use Ecstasy.  If  it’s apart of the atmosphere and it seems like a good time, I’ll do it,” – William

William described the drug as a confidence booster.  He said when your thizzing” you have an extreme confidence to do whatever you want.  For someone who is shy it would bring them out of their shell and show them a way of loosening up.  He explained it’s a drug that depends strictly on how you feel with yourself. 

                 “You cannot use the drug and have a good trip if your scared and nervious or depressed.  Otherwise it’s going to make you hate life,” – William

Photo of William at Burning Man

 – Photo of William Provided by William at Burning Man 2008.

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