The clinical term for the pure ingredient used in Ecstasy is:

The common street term is MDMA or Molly.

Ecstacy is only an extension of MDMA after it has been cut with another drug.Here, sources discuss differences in highs depending on the cut. Difference in Cut

     “Molly is pure MDMA, ecstasy is MDMA mixed with other drugs, it’s often better because it’s PURE.” -Kyle Daniels.  

        MDMA was first discovered in 1912 by German scientist Alexander Shulgin or (Sasha to people of close relations) worked for the pharmaceutical company known as Merck.  The drug was initially created for the treatment of depression and post-traumatic syndrome.  There have been several other reasons to why the drug was created however, many sources pointed out that it was used as a truth serum and many others claimed it to be used to bring couples together.   

           “I’ve heard it to be used to bring people that fight a lot together,” – William Penete**                         

  ” After you use it you don’t feel like eating for about 2 days, so ya you could loose weight after using the drug,” – Kyle Daniels.

                      The drug was created roughly between the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.   Creator Shulgin studied at several universities such as, Harvard University, University of California Berkley, and the University of California, San Francisco. 

                In 1994 Shulgin’s labs were shut down by the DEA because they found records believe d to be that of ones own cook books for different drugs. 

            After having his labs rated Shulgin turned over his lincense has not since been involved in the creation of mdma. 

Photo by Drake Bennett- 1/30/2005 mdma.net/alexander-shulgin/dr-ecstasy.html




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