Raves & Raving

As previously mentioned, raves are relatively popular in the Reno area. Raves are usually thrown by disc jockeys, or DJs, and require a number of permits. With the right permits, the rave can last for days. According to Gypsy, almost one-fourth of the raves she’s attended have been broken up because the party throwers usually don’t cover all of the bases when obtaining the permit.
Though raving isn’t considered “safe,” Gypsy says the breaking up of these parties is just as dangerous.

In terms of finding Ecstasy distributors in raves, Reno P.D. will sometimes set up “cold hits” to find people selling drugs in raves, but Ernie Kazmar of the SET team says it is extremely difficult to bust someone in a rave because the music is excessively loud. (Read interview  here.)

For information on local raves, visit nvraves.com

Below is a map of popular rave sites in the Reno area. 

These parties are usually full of colored lights and lasers, something all of our sources agreed appeals to someone on Ecstasy. Sources also agreed that it would take no more than 20 minutes to walk into a rave with no knowledge of who is selling and obtain Ecstasy. 

2 out of 5 people

Though the average Ecstasy user is between the ages of 18 and 27, FruitLoop quickly realized while raving that disturbingly young children are also interested in experimenting.


It is because Raves are so lively and full of people that Ecstasy is popular in that environment. Usually Ecstasy is described to be a good time no matter the circumstances, which is one of its appeals. But people and environment play an integral role in the raving/Ecstasy experience. There is no “typical” raver, as FruitLoop and Gypsy describe here. 




Chelsea Fronberg, 23, of Reno, Nevada, shares her local rave experience.

       I first tried Ecstasy when I was 21.  I had wanted to try it for a long time but waited until I was with people I felt comfortable around in a comfortable environment.  (Comfort and mind-set is a major consideration when using the drug.)

To be honest, I loved the drug.  If it didn’t have such long-lasting effects, I would probably enjoy it more often.  While using, you are the happiest you’ve ever been.  You feel nothing could go wrong and love everything around you.  

On New Years Eve 2008 I attended my first local, indoor rave.  The cost was $15 and when I walked in there were a lot of people all over dancing like crazy The music was thumping and there were multiple rooms with different themes and colors.  Majority of the people that I saw, both men and women, were barely dressed.  The average age was 15 – 30 years old.  Some popular items that people carried around with them were binkies and candy bracelets. 

My overall experience of the party was good. However, I didn’t care much for the rave scene.  I really didn’t like having all the random people around me and I didn’t like the temperature changes that occured.  At times I was extremely hot and at other time I was freezing.  I therefore, have chosen to show serious discretion with the drug.  I wouldn’t say I’d never do it again but the time and place would have to be ideal for me to take it again.



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