Candy: Colorful bead bracelets made by fellow ravers to be given out via “candy kiss.”
Candy Kiss: Two people clasp hands and one transfers “candy” from their wrist to the other’s. Once candy is given via candy kiss it cannot be taken back.
Cuddle Puddle: A group of people laying closely and carelessly in a mass. Usually occurs with groups on Ecstasy.
Thizz Face: An “ugly” face made by someone on Ecstasy due to lack of control of jaw and facial muscles, lips give face a distraught look. The word “thizz” spawned the “T” hand symbol to denote use and is considered a connection among users.

Used to keep ones jaw from chattering

A person can quickly become familiar with some of the things that occur and are used while on ecstasy.  After speaking with several people as well my own personal experiences, some of the main things used are:

Baby Binkies:  These are to keep from gridding ones teeth as well as to keep ones jaw from moving back and forth.

Photo by binkyanchor.com available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.  Copyright © 2007 Binky Anchor.

Photo Provided by Jade.

During her first experience with Ecstasy, Gypsy chewed through her binky.


Photo Taken by Chelsea Fronberg

“Thizz Lights” : Are also a common item associated with the drug ecstasy. These lights are usually fast blinking, strobing, flashing lights that are shot from one end of the room the the other. Due to the dilation of the pupils, lights seem brighter and the user can see the light’s full range of motion.

“Light are used because  everylight gives off ten times the light for example if you were to look at a blue, red and white light all moving fast together you’d see things you’d never seen and you’ll never see again unless you’re on drugs.  “ – Kyle Daniels

Photo Taken by Chelsea Fronberg

Photo Taken by Chelsea Fronberg

Another enhancement of ecstasy is Orange Juice. This is often used because Vitamin C is known to keep the drug lasting longer.

It feels like an explosion in your mouth,” Kyle Daniels.


RAVE LIGHTS: These lights are often seen at raves used while on the drug ecstasy.  These were found at  a local Reno Rave.

Photo Taken by Chelsea Fronberg

Photo Taken by Chelsea Fronberg




Often  another product used to enhance the feeling of the drug ecstasy is “Orange Juice.”

“When your on ecstasy Orange Juice is like the nector of God,” Nicho Lopez  said.

Common enhancement of ecstasy.  - Photo taken by photographer Michael Flippo

Photo: Michael Flippo / Istockavailable under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license. Copyright © 2009 Hearst Communications, Inc.

“It’s a stimulant used to keep your high,” Kyle Daniels  said.











 This photo shows the average outfit of someone at a rave.


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